Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of the services is deemed to be an acceptance of the Scale of Fees and these Terms and Conditions.

The Clerk means Elizabeth Overton or the person or persons appointed by Elizabeth Overton to inspect the Premises for the purpose of preparing the Inventory or carrying out the Check-in or Checkout procedure.

The Premises means the house, flat or other property the contents of which are to be listed in the Inventory.

The Inventory means the list of the items at the Property to be prepared in accordance with the following Conditions.

  1. Upon acceptance of instructions, the Clerk will inspect or arrange the inspection of the Premises for the purpose of compiling the Inventory.
  2. The Inventory will be a list of furniture, fixtures, fittings and household effects with a description of the state of decoration and condition of the interior and its effects at the Premises. Items are visually identified and not identified by its original manufactured name, material used in the production, or the period produced.


  1. The Inventory does not purport to be a report for valuation purposes of the Premises and or its contents, nor is it a guarantee of, or report of, the adequacy of, or safety of any equipment or contents, it is a listing that such items exist in the property and the superficial condition.


  1. The Inventory will be compiled on the basis that unless stated listed items are in good condition, free from obvious soiling, damage or defects. Significant defects will usually be damage, usage or soiling that might constitute a dilapidation charge at termination of the Tenancy of the Premises.


  1. The Inventory may state when any item of furniture and furnishings has been seen to have a label advising that it complies with the Furniture & Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulation 1988, as amended 1993 and it should not be assumed that other items not stated, comply with this regulation. Compliance with UK Fire Regulations is the responsibility of the Owner/Managing Agent and not Elizabeth Overton. It is recommended that all bedding, soft furnishings, or any item filled/padded be checked and any gas appliance also, that they comply with current regulations. Regulations on furniture purchased in another country may not meet UK Regulations. It is the Owner/Agents responsibility to ensure that items comply with the UK relevant regulations.


  1. Electrical items will be tested for power only unless the Clerk deems testing unsafe. Items must be complete with plugs, flexes and bulbs, unless otherwise specified. Switches and sockets are white plastic unless stated and will not be tested nor Aerial/cables.


  1. Smoke alarms: It is the responsibility of the agent or Landlord to ensure that they are in full working order. Where the inventory notes the presence of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, a ‘press’ ‘beep’ test by the inventory company is for power supply and should not be interpreted to mean that these items are fully working and that the property complies with the 2015 regulations. Overton Inventory Specialists will take no responsibility for damage or mal-function during the testing of such alarms*.


  1. Floor coverings, rugs and carpets will be inspected to the extent that they are sufficiently clean so that burns, stains and other damage can be ascertained. Furniture will not be moved or inspected under.


  1. Bed linen, towels and other similar items will be inspected to the extent that they are freshly laundered and will be counted only and not inspected in great detail. Heavily soiled items WILL NOT be fully examined by the Clerk.


  1. Mattresses will be inspected top side only where accessible and will not be examined should the bed be made up.


  1. The Inventory Preparation, Check-in or Check-out will be compiled by the Clerk assuming that the Clerk is able to do so without moving any fixtures and fittings or large and heavy items of furniture that the Clerk is unable to or that which is considered fragile or unsafe to move.


  1. The Inventory applies to items in the parts of the Premises that are readily accessible and excludes items in lofts attics or cellars and such places considered by the Clerk to be unsafe. Nor will the clerk undertake to search through overcrowded drawers or cupboards to either locate or enumerate items.


  1. Houseplants, garden plants or garden livestock e.g. fish in ponds, will not be included in the Inventory. Contents of garden sheds or garages other than garden tools will not be listed unless they are considered to be of value in excess of £20. The other items may be grouped.


  1. Animals are not usually permitted in rented properties, but occasionally landlords will give permission. They will expect any damage internal or external to be made good, and any soft furnishings may need additional cleaning.


  1. Blue tack nor picture hooks, screws or nails should not be used on the walls and any damage caused may incur additional charges from the landlord, (i.e. deductions from deposits).


  1. At termination of tenancy receipts may be required for items that have been professionally cleaned.


  1. It is the responsibility of the landlord and the tenant to agree the accuracy of the inventory and the tenant should check all electrical appliances and report any defects to the Managing Agent immediately.


  1. Windows are not checked to see whether they open or not. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to report on non-opening windows/locks. Blinds must be secured and comply with BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 regulations. The tenant is to contact the agent or Landlord for confirmation if there is no visible cord secure cleat.


  1. Smoke sensors/ CO alarms & security alarms are not tested unless stated and are not the responsibility of Elizabeth Overton. * The tenant is advised to test all alarms on the move in day and during the tenancy and agrees to notify the agent or Landlord if any alarm is not working.


  1. An additional charge will be applied when carrying out the Check-out procedure at the end of the Tenancy if any items have been moved to different rooms after the original Inventory was prepared.


  1. If the Clerk is unable to obtain access to the Premises at the time agreed and the place agreed with the instructor, or within a reasonable period of time thereafter there will be no further obligation under the Terms of the Contract save the entitlement to invoice the other party the proportion of the Fee that would have been payable had the instruction been completed.


  1. © All inventories and reports are subject to copyright and may not be altered, copied or scanned by any person without prior written consent from Elizabeth Overton. Inventories are not to be used for check in or checkout purposes by any other person other than Elizabeth Overton unless the inventory has been paid in full and use of copyright permitted.


  1. Check in reports, check out reports, inventory makes, snagging report, all supporting documentation, images and digital photographs will remain the property of Elizabeth Overton until paid for in full.


  1. Elizabeth Overton shall be entitled to invoice the person or persons or company who has given the instruction. If the instructions to prepare the Inventory are given by a letting Agent this contract is deemed to be made between Elizabeth Overton and the letting agent as principal and the invoice rendered to and payable by the letting agent unless agreed in writing with Elizabeth Overton. If the invoice has not been paid in full within 28 days of receipt then without prejudice to any other right or remedy of Elizabeth Overton shall be entitled to charge interest on the amount unpaid at the rate of 1% above the base rate as set by Lloyds Bank on the date of the invoice, compounded weekly from the date of the invoice until payment is made in full.


  1. All bookings are subject to our Scale of Fees and our Terms and Conditions.