Inventory Compilation

Our independent specialists, acting as a ‘third party’ will visit your property and compile a detailed inventory report. The document records the property’s fabric, contents and condition in furnished or non-furnished properties. Additional rooms e.g. basements, gyms and pool areas or gardens may also be included if required.

The individual inventory together with the detailed check in report and check out report help to avoid any costly potential dispute at the end of the tenancy.

Either a PDF or hard copy of the inventory is supplied to all parties as required.

Digital photographs of all or specified areas can be supplied on CD format by request.


Check In report

On the day of check in our independent clerk will accompany the tenant or their representative around the property and using our detailed inventory report check and update if necessary. The condition of the items and the standard of cleaning are recorded, together with the utility meters readings and the keys confirmed and listed.

Either an updated signed PDF or hard copy of the report is supplied to all parties concerned.

It is essential that a thorough accurate up to date check in is conducted to minimise costly and time wasting end of tenancy disputes.


Check out report

The original inventory and check in report are used together to note the changes to the property at the end of the tenancy. Fair wear & tear is taken into consideration and any chargeable discrepancies noted. The utility meters are re read and recorded, the returned keys checked. If necessary photographs may be taken to support comments made.

Either a PDF or hard copy of the inventory is supplied to all parties as required.


Tenancy Visits

Acting independently for Agents, Landlords or Tenants, we are pleased to visit during the lease (ideally every 3 – 6 months) and report on how the property is being maintained. Should the premises not be managed by an agent, this may be the only opportunity to monitor and address any issues that may occur or are in the process of occurring e.g. leaking pipes or taps.

Either a PDF or hard copy will be available for all parties as required.

Individual prices or agent daily prices by request.


Meet & Greet Service

We are pleased to provide a waiting service for clients who are unable to attend and give access for delivery of appliances, groceries, furniture, gas or electrical inspections. Prices by request.