Q: I am renting my flat. Do I need an inventory?

The inventory makes up part of the legally binding contract between the landlord and tenant. It must be of a detailed standard where it is admissible evidence in a court of law and by tenancy deposit schemes. It is not a simple process and failure to have an accurate report may incur a costly dispute.


Q: Why should I use a professional inventory specialist?

Our clerks are trained to an exceptionally high standard, having many years experience. The company conforms to the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks guidelines, acting as an impartial specialist. Fast, comprehensive and accurate, easy to understand, ‘signed’ reports are produced for all parties.


Q: What is ‘the check in?’

The check in is when the inventory report and cleaning are checked and the condition updated for the new tenancy. The utility meters are read and recorded. The keys confirmed and handed over to the Tenant.


Q: How does the check in differ to the check out?

The check out is when the inventory and check in report are used together to note the changes to the property at the end of the tenancy. Fair wear & tear is taken into consideration and any chargeable discrepancies noted. The utility meters are re read and recorded, the keys returned and confirmed.


Q: Do I need to get the property professionally clean?

A: It is not essential but recommended. Professional cleaning enables the specialist to fully inspect the item and record the correct condition e.g. a scaled bath waste might not show the chipped surface underneath nor a dirty, burnt hob – it might not show the chipped enamel surface under. Either could be costly and time consuming in a dispute. After cleaning – remember to keep the receipt!


Q: I am a tenant. What happens if there is NO independent inventory?

We strongly advise you to protect yourself against any possible dispute. Our specialists have years of experience and know how to help you and your landlord. What often starts off as a good relationship ends in a time consuming costly expense. So to avoid the risk, we will be happy to act and compile a report.


I have more questions. I need to know more!

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